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Brexit Links: Read all about it!


This page contains links to information about Brexit.  Inclusion does not imply endorsement. Please feel free to forward your own suggestions for inclusion.  By and large we have attempted to present them most recent first.

Website: Department for Exiting the European Union

Website: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

Website: EU Task Force on Article 50 Negotiations with the UK – Europa website on the negotiation taskforce led by Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier.  This includes the negotiating mandates developed by the EU27.

Draft negotiating directives, 3 May 2017, subject to ratification on 22 May by EU General Affairs Council

EU Negotiation Guidelines endorsed by EU27 on 29 April 2017

EU Draft Guidelines for Negotiations circulated by President Donald Tusk to the remaining 27 member states on 31 March 2017

EU President Donald Tusk’s comments on launching negotiations consultation document 31 March 2017

Guidance for Businesses on the Great Repeal Bill (DExEU) released on 30 March 2017

The Great Repeal Bill White Paper.  Links to various formats.  This sets out how the UK will translate existing EU law into UK sovereign law on the day we leave the EU (29 March 2017).

Detailed guidance on leaving the EU, published 29 March by Dept for Exiting the EU (DExEU) – it’s not as detailed as you might think from the title.

The Prime Minister’s Article 50 Letter to the EU, delivered by hand to Donald Tusk on 29 March 2017

Prime Minister’s Statement to Parliament on Article 50 notice, 29 March 2017

Brexit: What will it mean for East Anglia’s farmers? Interesting and useful article from the Eastern Daily Press, March 2017 (despite the annoying pop ups and adverts)

The future of land management in Wales.  Report by the Welsh Assembly’s Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee, 24 March 2017

Sugar and Tariffs.  This article from the Guardian provides an excellent insight into the nature of tariffs and agricultural trade.  It’s all about sugar: beet sugar grown in the UK v cane sugar grown elsewhere, but the principles and arguments about free trade and tariffs are far wider ranging in their importance.

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 – Royal Assent 16 March 2017.  It’s very short: one page and two sections.

House of Commons International Trade Committee Report 7 March 2017

House of Lords Constitutional Select Committee: Report on ‘The Great Repeal Bill’, 7 March 2017

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill 2016-17 – Parliament’s site for the ‘Brexit Bill’.  This site is updated as the Bill progresses.  At the time of posting (13 March 2017) the Bill is awaiting its ‘Ping Pong’ period when it shuttles between Commons and Lords until its final text is agreed.

Scottish Wildlife Trust: Draft Stewardship Policy – consultation page and further information

National Trust Views on Farming and Food – these are likely to be influential in the development of new agricultural policies post-Brexit

Royal Society for Protection of Birds ‘Position Statements’ on a variety of topics including farming and land use, forestry and other topics which will be highly relevant to new regional agricultural policies post-Brexit

The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union White Paper – UK Government White Paper, 2 February 2017

Farmers’ Union of Wales Brexit Briefing and Policy Stance, 25 February 2016

Andrea Leadsom, Defra Secretary, speech to NFU Conference 21 February 2016: Five Principles to shape future policy (Defra press release)

Morrisons’ British Food Report, 17 February 2017

Institute of Public Policy and Research: Forgotten Opportunities, The dynamic role of the rural economy in post-Brexit Britain 6 February 2017

Is Free Trade Good or Bad?  BBC’s Andrew Walker, Economics Correspondent, 18 January 2017 A helpful scene-setting piece on the economic perspective on free trade, including economic history of free trade v protectionism.

Theresa May Brexit Speech, 17 January 2017, BBC Report and Video

How Defra is adapting to the challenge of Brexit: Clare Moriarty, Permanent Secretary DEFRA 1 November 2016

Country Landowners Association Brexit Briefing for landowners and policy makers, 2016

Six Brexit Deals that will be needed by Charles Grant, London School of Economics, 6 August 2016 This summarises the range of arrangements – deals – that will be needed for the UK to trade with the EU and the rest of the world in future.

A first reaction to the Brexit Referendum Result from a group of postgraduate students at Harper Adams studying Land Use and Management (24 June 2016)

Yorkshire Agricultural Society: Brexit Agricultural Perspective February 2016

NFU Brexit Study by Wageningen University April 2016


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